Typically waking up at 5am is a burden, but waking up bright and early to spend time with this couple was a joy.  Bill and Sara are a couple of creatives who are as loving and welcoming as their food they make is delicious.  When I began meeting different creatives in Nashville and hearing a variety of stories, Bill and Sara's stood out to me.  The humility they have in telling their story is an accurate summation of their character.  Though it may be a small deviation from the textbook "artist", after seeing the imagination and creativity it takes to both conceive a business and prepare these breakfast dishes, I wouldn't hesitate to call them artists.

This couple loves their customers and employees just as much as they love their product.  Every time I've gone to visit Bill and Sara, I've seen one (if not both) of them engaging their customers.  From first time visitors to loyal locals, they have an unbiased love and interest for everyone who walks through their door.  It was a treat to spend a few weeks with them, and I can say confidently that I enjoy breakfast most when it's at Yeast Nashville.  To hear more about Yeast Nashville, click here.  And if you're ever in the area, make sure to stop by!