This video series would not be in existence if it were not for Christi and Shayne Schroader.  I met this couple under the pretense of shooting a camp video series, but that quickly became nothing more than an excuse for me to go to there house and spend the day learning from them.  While I documented them creating these 3 pieces of art, I got to know them and fell in love with their perspective on what art it is/why we create.  For me this has always been an interesting thought: why do I feel compelled to create.

In this video Christi and Shayne speak about their personal experience with art, where inspiration comes from, and what art is.  These ideas are all personal and I don't believe that there is a concrete answer to any question like "what is art", but what I do think is we can benefit greatly by hearing other people talk about how they view art.  Even after editing this video and hearing them speak countless times, I still find myself inspired by their words.

My experience with the Schroaders is ultimately what inspired me to start this video series.  Although the following videos will be a bit less abstract and more character focused, I hope that these videos can act as a source of inspiration.  My personal belief is that all anyone is trying to do is understand and be understood, and I believe that art is the common language.  As I document these different stories of creatives across Nashville, I hope people will find encouragement to seek to create and communicate with one another.

To see more of Christi's amazing artwork, click here.