I heard about Sisters of Nature long before I had the pleasure of meeting its creator (Kimberly).  When I contacted Kimberly, it was the first time in this series when I had no connection with the person I was going to be talking to.  I didn't have a mutual friend, and no one was introducing me/what I was doing. Fortunately, despite a cryptic email in which I said I wanted to meet, get to know, and shoot video of her, Kimberly graciously invited me to come hang out with her at SoN.

The first thing that I noticed about Kimberly and what she had created was just the uplifting spirit that lived in her store.  From inception to design, there is an edifying nature about everything that lives in her shop.  I don't know if elegance and adventure can coexist peacefully, but if they can, they can be found at SoN.  Though, I can't wear the clothing she makes, I still greatly benefited from getting to hear Kimberly's story, and I'm thankful to have such an inspired friend.

To check out any number of amazing products from Sister's of Nature, check out there website here.