Before I had even begun thinking about making this series, I knew I wanted to sit down with Seth and ask him the questions that I ended up using in his interview. His reputation as a relentless filmmaker proceeded him, and part of my college experience was spent keeping up to date on his projects.  When I reached out to Seth about featuring him in the series, he both enthusiastically agreed and offered to let me shoot behind the scenes for his next short film: Go Bag.

The days on set were fun and engaging; Seth's ability to create a comfortable but uncompromising work environment made it easy to enjoy myself and also learn a lot.  And although he is immensely talented, what's very striking about Seth is his genuine love for what he does.  He has a childlike glee towards his projects that allow him to dream bigger and have more fun than most people in the field.  I have an incredible respect for Seth, and I hope that I can mirror his ability to constantly work harder and expect less.

I look forward to staying up to date on Seth's projects, and I fully expect to continue to be amazed by the videos he produces.