Recycle, Repurpose, Reuse.  These fundamental ideas shape Clay Bush's business "Salvage".  His humble approach to art and creating stems from an idea counterintuitive to what I believed growing up.  In a culture that has a new iPhone every year, he believes in finding value in what society calls valueless. He demonstrates this philosophy by taking discarded car materials and repurposing them to make different goods -durable, expertly crafted goods.  

More than just enjoying my time with Clay, I felt like the whole process was an edifying experience.  His view on people's disregard for material good mirrors his opinion of people's view on relationships and social interaction.  Much like old cars, wornout couches, or irrelevant technology, we have a tendency to discard people in our lives that don't benefit us the way we'd like.  It's easy for us to create a social hierarchy that only allows for select people in our life.  This convicting truth is at the heart of Salvage, and I believe what makes the product so special.  To check out clay's products checkout his facebook page or go explore his etsy shop.