Randy and Leisa Wilcox are a husband and wife duo that own and operate Once Blind Studios : a branding and design company in Nashville.  When I sat down with Randy and Leisa for the first time, instead of talking about their art, we got lost in conversations about  story telling, history, architecture, self expression, and community.  Their love for the human spirit and creative expression is clearly made evident in their attention to detail and personal approach to befriending and understanding a person before marketing their business.

If that weren't enough to praise about this duo, their love and support for each other both in their marriage and in their company is an outstanding testament to what can be accomplished when two people work in tandem.  Randy has a outstanding creative mind and Leisa a fantastic sense of understanding and commentary.  Together they are able to fully realize the heart of a company and project qualities and vision that even their clients may not have fully understood about themselves.

Their unique style of personalized branding and honest depiction of their clients is nothing more than an echo of their pursuit of authentic love and servanthood in their marriage.