Throughout my life, I've tried my hand at a variety of storytelling mediums: I acted, I painted, I played music, and I made short films.  Although I may have a decent grasp of these more traditional mediums, one way of telling stories I had never considered was material goods.  Joey Verzilli (owner of Lockeland Leatherworks) challenged me on this idea when we first met.

Joey has a refreshing grasp on surrounding yourself in sentimental value. His rings aren't just rings he bought at a shop, his motorcycle isn't just a motorcycle he bought off craigslist, and the guitars on his wall didn't just come from guitar center.  A large amount of the material items that Joey has, contain a much deeper and richer story.  Whether it was from a special occasion or a person of importance, seemingly everything he owns is soaked in emotion and memory. And it's that value and respect for the rich emotion that goods can provide that fuels every product he makes.

Every creation is made not only to look great, but more importantly, it's built to last.  His genuine desire is to not give you a wallet that will get replaced, but will be held onto, gain sentiment, and one day get passed along to your child or friend.  He is allowing people to hold onto a product that in addition to serving it's primary purpose will also absorb stories that can be reflected on or shared later.

I am envious of Joey's perspective. As I type out this post on a laptop that is 7 years old and feels 6 years too old, and as I stare at my iphone that I will probably upgrade this year, I wish I had more products in my life that I held onto long enough that they would be more than just a momentary indulgence that I get tired of too fast and throw away.  As I seek to fill my life with more well built and long lasting products, I am going to make sure to pay more attention to creatives like Joey who put much more than time and money into what they create.

To check out Joey's products, click here.