Like any entitled, impatient millennial , I grew up hating taking family photos.  I hated stopping whatever it was I was doing (probably playing video games), dressing up, and standing like I was posing for a Norman Rockwell painting.  Truth be told: I still cringe every time a major holiday comes around and we line up for a photo.  I love my family, I want to remember our moments together, I just hate the idea of posing or fabricating something that wasn't happening.

It's out of this disdain I have towards fake moments that I have such an appreciation for Kevin Scott Banks and his craft.  Kevin is a local photographer with a natural talent for capturing authentic family moments.  I met Kevin two years ago at an event we were both working, and have kept in touch ever since.  His eye for color, composition, and emotion are coupled with an uncanny ability to befriend most everyone he meets and photograph them in a style catered to their personality.

Kevin's love for photography is matched only by his love for families. To see his work, you can visit his site