Julian Vaca is a local writer and creative with a flair for the fantastic and a love for words.  He has an infectious spirit about him that makes him not only a strong creative, but an incredibly influential leader.  His passion for narrative and storytelling manifests not only through writing, but also acting.

I was fortunate enough to be able to attend the final day of camp ANI (a creative writing camp that Julian helped lead), and it was there that I feel like I was able to see Julian in his element.  His natural gift for encouragement and inspiration shown brightly as he instructed these kids on story structure, character arc, and most importantly: the power of words.  The heart behind the camp is to equip children with the ability to properly express themselves.  It is to empower them to actively press into every emotion, to understand life better, and to better explain their understanding of life.

Although Julian undoubtedly has a rich understanding of creative writing and storytelling, what was particularly striking to me was his genuine love for both the people in his life and for his different jobs.  He has an honest spirit about him that leaves no doubt as to his character, and no suspicion as to his motivations.  In a world that is brimming with cut throat competitive creativity, Julian's presence is a welcome celebration of the peace and joy that comes with using creative expression as an act of worship as an alternative to worshiping the art itself.