Through a fury of brush strokes, emotion, and mistakes, Heidi Schwartz creates beauty.  With no traditional school training or study, she produces pieces that stand along any noteworthy compositions.  Her approach to the romantic, timeless expression seems to be to turn it on its head: Heidi paints with a messy, raw, unfiltered spirit.

She paints at weddings, gala’s, and a variety of noteworthy events. And although she may come to each event in a pristine dress, she leaves with as much paint on her dress as there is on the canvas. With a carefree regard for convention in process and appearance, she leverages the freedom she has in her process to find comfort and joy in painting.

The result of her unique style is breathtaking, and a true testament to the beauty that can come from the liberation of traditional form, style, and approach.  

Heidi never planned on being a painter -let alone a live event painter who works under short deadlines with large audiences.  What was originally her personal indulgence and place of refuge revealed itself to be adored by many others.  The emotion and intensity that Heidi brings to each piece creates a noticeable difference between her and her peers.  The beauty in the chaos she creates is relatable and awe inspiring and life giving.

If you are unable to purchase a piece by Heidi, I hope you find yourself at an event that she is painting, so you too can witness the rare, inspiring energy she produces through her creative process.
To view Heidi’s work, click here.