I have always had a difficult time choosing flowers for the variety of occasions I would need a bouquet or an arrangement. But despite being able to fully articulate my reasons, I have always admired the beauty of flowers. Because of this, I was incredibly excited to create a video on the art of floral design.

Alex and Quinn of FLWR SHOP in east Nashville have an incredible gift for creating unique, exquisite floral arrangements for both the informed and uninformed consumers.  My first day in the shop, I was fortunate enough to witness their impressive process of taking a vague sentiment and a couple minor boundaries, and turning that into a fully realized and breathtaking creation.  Quinn has a unique gift for understanding what customers are looking for, and Alex has the skill to breathe life and form into those orders in the form of natural, floral beauty.

In addition, these two share an air of joy and excitement for what they are doing, and have an attitude of loving kindness towards anyone who walks in through their door.  Each visitor is welcome and treated with familial hospitality.

I wish that I could say that this shoot ended with a final test where I was blind folded, handed the tools to make an arrangement, and I did such a great job that all who looked at my arrangement went blind because it's perfection was next to Godliness, but unfortunately it did not: I walked away, still unable to fully wrap my head around floral design.  However, because of Alex and Quinn's genuine joy for this art of taking already existing beauty and creating something even more life-giving with it, I walked away with an appreciation for the natural beauty of the world and the importance of reminding people of that beauty.

Make sure to visit their website and follow them on instagram to stay up to date on all their magnificent work.