Ji'an Bo is fearfully and wonderfully made.  He is an artist, he is relentlessly selfless, and he loves to play. Ji'an Bo loves to laugh, and he loves to make other people laugh.  He is a servant to friends and strangers alike.  Ji'an Bo was born with Cerebral Palsy, and at an early age he was abandoned by his mother.   I don't share this to elicit guilt or heartache, but I share it to capture just how strong he truly is.  Strong enough to rise from abandonment to love in a way beyond comprehension.

Ji'an Bo does not need anyone's pity, but deserves everyone's love.  Most all of you will not be the one to bring Ji'an Bo into your home and life, but some of you may know the person who does.  The first step in fighting this injustice is awareness. Only one family can adopt Ji'an Bo, but we can all share his story.  Please join me in loving Ji'an Bo the best way we can: by helping find him a family.  To learn more about Ji'an Bo and how you can be a part of his story, visit www.BringMeHope.org. or contact me at: admin@nashvillesown.com