The last day I spent at the orphanage, I walked Duan Min to her apartment (that she shared with several other girls), and I looked at a wall covered in a variety of drawings.  I asked her which one of the drawings were hers, and with a joyful flutter of her arms she responded "all of them".  She then proceeded to bring me to a cubby that had an accordion folder in it. She undid the elastic that was already struggling to hold in what was inside, and out of the folder nearly one hundred drawings spilled onto the table.  Embarrassed, but proud, she showed me several of her drawings.

Over the course of the week that I spent getting to know Duan Min, I got to see a lot of beauty in her spirit: her patience, joy, humility, and love for the people around her.  That last day, I was able to witness an entirely new depth through her art.  A wonderful mind brimming with a world of creativity, a raw heart that had been broken but rebuilt and redeemed, and a resilient spirit that cried out for communion.  

This is the final year Duan Min will be up for adoption before she will have passed the age limit in China. There isn't a couple alive who wouldn't benefit greatly from having Duan Min in their homes and in their life.  Please join me in helping her find her family.  To learn more about Duan Min and how you can be a part of her story, visit or contact me at: