The first time I sat down with Larry wasn't to discuss him being a part of this video series, but to seek his council on an event I was planning.  More than just being thankful for the sage advice he gave me on how to put together the event, I was awestruck by how the way energy and joy emanated from him.  When I asked him about Cause A Scene, the fire and passion behind his eyes left me feeling like I could do anything.  This type of interaction -one where the love and zeal someone has for what they do is so real that it pours out onto everyone around them- is the kind of interaction that made me want to start this series in the first place.  About a year later, I met up with Larry again (this time so I could interview him for the series), and I was not surprised to find that his fervor hadn't died down at all.  

There is a lot to love about Cause A Scene: the unique venues in Nashville you get to travel to listen to music, the wide selection of artists you get introduced to, and the unique intimate musical experience; you would, however, be remiss if you attended a show and didn't take advantage of an opportunity to meet Larry and hear his heart and vision for Cause A Scene.

Huge thanks to Stephen Stonestreet and Stephen Stinson for capturing several of the concerts represented in this video.  To stay up to date on Cause A Scene, check out their website and subscribe to their newsletter.