In the summer of 2014 I was hired by a local company to create a series of videos on a couple who lived in Nashville and were artists.  The videos were short documentary pieces that involved different mediums.  This was my first experience with documentary filmmaking, and I loved it.  The time I spent with the couple was sweet, the power of their words was shaking, and I was more proud of how uplifting the pieces were than I was of the traditional "entertainment" value.  This piece can be found at the very beginning of my video section.  That first video was suppose to be a stand alone piece, but after I finished it, I couldn't shake the feeling that it was important for me to tell more stories like this; that's when I began dreaming up this project.

Nashville's Own is a series of documentary videos that celebrate the individual artist and the artistic community in Nashville, TN.  These videos are meant to be uplifting and encouraging to the person who is on the precipice of a risk and a dream that need to be reminded that there is refuge and freedom in following your convictions and pursuing what you understand your calling to be.  It is meant to not shy away from the hardship of doing what you love, but show the joy that can come even in the midst of hardship or tragedy.  My hope is that these videos can be a song of both the difficulty and successes in the lives of people who boldly pursue what they love.

I grew up just south of Nashville, and I am also treating this series as an opportunity to further explore, understand, and broadcast the creative diversity that lives in the city.  I hope that as I continue to show the wide breadth of people that live in Nashville, I can better accentuate the culture that lives in the city.

I would love to hear from you! If you want to say hi or if you know of a local whose story you would love to see told, you can do that below.

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