I have lived in the Nashville area for 20 years.  I've seen a lot of change in the city and have been able to explore a lot of the different parts of it.  One opportunity I have been deprived of up until recently was the ability to live in the heart of downtown and fully experience what my friends do when they come to visit.  506 Lofts allowed me and my friends to not only get to experience the city in a unique way.  My friends and I got to be tourists in our own city and stay in beautiful, fun lofts in the heart of downtown.  We walked to ACME on broadway, got ice cream at mike's, hung out on the riverfront, explored street art in the city - all with the ease and comfort of knowing we could walk back and wouldn't have to worry about driving or Uber-ing around.

These lofts are artistically designed and offer a special experience for locals and tourists alike.  506 Lofts celebrates Nashville in a noteworthy way by filling the rooms with local art and products, giving the guests a list of recommendations for the best places to eat and hang out, and by creating and atmosphere for community to flourish.  These lofts are not only gorgeous and conveniently located, they capture and champion our city in a extraordinary way.